Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356
Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

About the Founder
I started Label Network in 1993. Several years before that, while attending college for my commercial and graphic arts degree, I began working for a flexographic label company. I quickly excelled in all aspects of the label printing industry going from pushing a broom to purchasing materials within a couple of years. At the label shop I was printing on  central impression and in-line flexographic machines including Mark Andy, Allied Gear and Comco printing presses.  I also screen printed, worked on a few offset presses and this old Kluge letterpress that Johann Gutenberg himself may have used.

From quality control to finishing and shipping, there was nothing in the building I didn't have a hand in. Soon my titles were head pressman, supervisor and even "boss man". With all of my hands-on label printing knowledge and experience, I decided to sell  all types of self -adhesive products and Label Network was born.

Here you can see actual samples manufactured and/or designed by me during my printing years. Although at times I miss getting my hands dirty on the old Flexo presses, it's now my job to share my expertise with customers and help them with all of their label printing solutions.

To stay educated and updated, I attend webinars and keep up on the latest label industry trends.  I enjoy reading the monthly graphic arts publications, some of which Label Network advertises in and look forward to my semi-annual trips to the Label Expo that I've been attending for 25 years.  I know my industry well and know how to meet a customer's needs. I am confident that with my expertise, any label project goal can be met.

Today, digital manufacturing is done at Label Network and most of the other labels we supply come from that same label company I worked for in the 80's. I also have close relationships with some of the finest label product providers in the US. Label Network is  also recognized worldwide. We have working agreements with Label Network Germany which also has ties to Great Britain and Label Network Russia.

I am proud of the service I can provide in this field and look forward to being your  label and decal supplier.

I can be contacted directly for label projects that require special attention.

Kevin Pachla
Label Network
(248) 398-0485 ext. 1