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Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Postcard Decal Samples
1 DECAL 2 3/4" X 3 1/8" - 2 DECALS 1 1/2" X 2 1/2"
BILL COOKE TOYOTA, VOLVO, SUBARU & GM mails this card to every customer who purchases a vehicle from them. It is suggested that the two smaller decals be placed near the telephone or inside the front cover of a telephone directory, while the larger vinyl decal is recommended for inside of the glove compartment door. The postcard suggests "service after the sale". The backside of the postcard is left blank for a personal message from the salesperson.

Every product that requires service after purchase is a prospect for this postcard decal. Whether one purchases a lawnmower, washing machine or dryer, refrigerator or deep freeze unit, a personal note from the salesperson to say "thank you" goes a long way. The comfort of having a decal with emergency information adds value after the service and assures repeat customer business.

Police or fire departments, hospitals and doctors' offices use this style of postcard as a reminder of emergency phone numbers and actions. The decals can be placed near telephones and inside address books for easy access.

2 DECALS 1 1/2" X 2 1/2" - 12 DECALS 11⁄16" X 13/16"
This example shows THE UNITED HEALTH CENTER OF KANSAS vital concern for women and breast cancer awareness. The "Be Your Own Guardian Angel" program provides this card following an examination at the Center. The patient is advised to remove the angels and apply them to the date of visit on their calendar. Thus, each month on the same day, the test may be done in private. The reverse of the card is printed with instructions to perform this test.

Every doctor, medical center, State University Hospital and private clinic is a prospect for this program. The two advertising decals lend themselves to sponsorship by insurance companies, pharmaceutical corporations, or federal, state or local health agencies. The 12 individual decals can be incorporated into any program that requires a monthly reminder. For example veterinarians often provide preventive medicine that must be administered on the same day each month (i.e. heartworm pills).

Other possibilities for reminders include anything bought on credit that requires a monthly payment, safety inspection of equipment, equipment maintenance or even payroll reminders.

1 DECAL 2 3/4" X 3 1/8" - 2 DECALS 1 1/2" X 2 1/2"
PYRAMID EQUIPMENT, INC. sells, rents and maintains refuse equipment to the industry. Their clients are the people who service industrial and domestic customers in this market. These decals are installed in every vehicle sold and serviced and are sent to the purchasing, maintenance and financial offices of all customers.

One of the greatest follow-up procedures in selling is a personal note on a postcard decal. Once the company has sold or leased a vehicle or piece of equipment, the salesperson or company sales director writes a personal note to the customer. They suggest that one decal be placed on the equipment or in the vehicle, and the others near the telephone for emergency service.

4 DECALS, EACH 1 1/2" X 2 1/2"
BARTLETT SCHOOL uses the four-decal postcard to notify parents of Open House dates, encouraging the importance of attendance. One of the decals has the complete mailing address and telephone number for emergencies. The stickers can be placed on a calendar as a reminder of when to attend.

The four separate decals lend themselves to anything requiring attention by calendar quarters. Quarterly check-ups, quarterly meetings, servicing equipment, medical requirements, lawn maintenance or pest control services. This also serves as an excellent pre-sold program, such as buy three and get one free.

Selling Ideas

Automotive – Provide "Service after the Sale" by sending contact information that can be placed in the vehicle or at home of customers. Great for a personal message from the sales person.
Service – Great way for gaining repeat business by promoting services after purchase with contact information or repair hotline. Send in mail or include with invoices.
Service – Ideal for service or maintenance reminders.
Service – Send to potential customers with contact information, promos or coupons.
Service/Retail – Excellent tool for new businesses that are trying to increase awareness of products or services.
Retail – Send as a "Thank You", promote a sale or special event, offer special coupons or send as a holiday greeting to past customers.
Restaurant/Food Service – Offer specials or coupons to customers and potential customers. Also great for promoting a delivery or carry out number.
Public Safety – Ideal for promoting a message and providing community members with emergency numbers to be placed near telephones or inside address/phone books for easy access.
Health Care – Doctors and hospitals can provice added service to patients by providing emergency contact numbers.
Health Care – Great for health programs requiring a monthly reminder such as self-breast examinations.
Political – Send as "Thank You" to campaign supporters or as direct mail to promote a candidate’s campaign. Decals are great for reminders of when to vote or for advertisements that can be posted in windows, on cars or at home or the office.
OSHA – Great for safety inspection reminders.
Schools – Send out with reminders of special school events, activities or meetings.
Colleges/Universities – Ideal for alumni associations to recruit new alums or to give information about school activities to existing members.
Colleges/Universities – Attact new students by sending to high school seniors, to people who visit the campus or to students who inquire about admission.
Not-for-Profit – Great for reminders of events, meeting times or fundraising activities.
Computer & Technology Services – Gain future business by attaching to or near equipment.
Radio – Promote listener loyalty by sending to listeners or potential listeners. Decals become instant advertisement as they can be placed on cars, windows or at home or work.
Real Estate – Send to past clients with contact information and provide added service of emergency numbers or a calendar. Great for a personal message from the agent. Target potential customers by advertising services, sharing successes and providing contact info.

1 DECAL 2 3/4" X 3 1/8" - 2 DECALS 1 1/2" X 2 1/2"
ANGEL CARE PARAMEDIC LIFE SUPPORT SERVICE is a privately owned neighborhood ambulance company. This decal postcard is mailed to each member with instructions to attach the two smaller ones near the two most-used telephones in the residence, and the larger one on or near the front door.

Other great ideas:
All home services or emergency services would be ideal customers for this product.

A laundry service that offers home pick up and drop off might use the postcard to acquire new customers.

Grocery stores that provide home delivery to shut-ins are also a potential client for this promotional piece.

Cab companies and senior service centers can notify customers of hours of operation and contact information.

1 DECAL 3 1/8" X 5 1/2"
VOTE FOR LINDA EMMONS - FIRST SELECTMAN These postcards were sent to all supporters who signed the Primary petition, made a financial contribution, worked on the phone call team, posted signs or in any way offered support to her campaign. The reverse side was used to say "thank you" for the support, and encourages the recipient to put the decal in the rear window of their vehicle to keep the momentum going.

Local, state and national elections are unlimited opportunities to sell this card. For the most effective promotion the postcard should include directions for location of the decal after it is received and a creative message.

Additional markets for postcard decals include schools, churches, libraries, clubs and organizations, retail establishments, restaurants, service providers, hospitals, doctors, or anyone who has a special message or event to publicize.

4 DECALS 1 1/2" X 2 1/2" mails this postcard with their website address on all four decals to their market list. Their message is that they are a one-stop web based Medical Laboratory. The mailing side of the card describes their six areas of expertise and invites the mail recipients to log on for additional information. They suggest the four stickers be attached to the computer, desk, file cabinet or shared with others in the company who use their services.

This is a magnificent tool to get customers and prospects to your customers' web site. Postcards are great for new businesses that are trying to increase awareness about their benefits and services.

BLUEFIELD COLLEGE mailed this postcard decal to all the members of their Alumni Association to publicize the Bluefield College Homecoming weekend. The clear static cling decal is printed with the school seal and can easily be adhered to a window. The reverse side is printed with a partial calendar with the event dates of October 19 and 20 circled. It also provides a list of things to do to participate in the homecoming events.

Another great idea would be for a hotel to send these out and remind every potential attendee that they would like to have them as a guest during the reunion. The postcard might contain the school seal, school mascot or Class Reunion info.

2 DECALS 2 5/8" X 3 1/8"
PITTSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION mailed a postcard with two different decals in school colors to all alumni. One of the decals highlighted the university, commonly known as PSU, the other the PITT STATE GORILLAS, sports mascot.

Nonprofit organizations, Schools, Political Candidtates, etc. find postcards to be a great vehicle to get a message out to a large audience. Postcards are cheaper to send and when they are combined with a logo that has sentimental meaning or ties them to a cause they are especially successful.